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Why is Mark Zuckerberg in the news lately?

Everybody knows whos Zuckerberg right but many of us really wondering lately about the reason or reasons behind Mark Zuckerberg appearance on the media? does it just simple affairs or maybe he thought of new deals!

anyway , lets take a look about Mark Zuckerberg’s top announcements or biggest decisions in the few years ago , first we are all know the Facebook it was legendarily boosted by Accel Partners that time in 2005 ,

where many Asian and African countries don’t even have the knowledge to deal with a mobile phone and this is one of the Zuckerberg’s skills that not find in any another CEO in his age .. Wise and fast this is really good ha !

so  Zuckerberg continues to succeed and succeed with Facebook despite critics about its big influence and bad effects of facebook toward kids and people wasting time without even feeling it , until we get like a revolutionary increase in the Internet Technologies  where many companies were showed up on the concurrence road as Instagram and WhatsApp so he could easily absorb them  ..

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we are not going to deal much with Zuckerberg detailed success history but let us remember about his words a few months ago where he says that we didn’t see anything yet from Facebook ideas and features,

means that the future will be more plenty of innovations while in 11/2017 The Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg hired a group of political advisers .

Media Predictions :

Media suspects that Mark Zuckerberg wants to advance his candidacy for the presidential election and predict him a good chance of success. But his election would be a disaster for the dollar and the nation-state idea. According to the online magazine Vzgliad.

but could we see Mark Zuckerberg as a USA president one day? i would prefer to see your opinions below!

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