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5 VPN Functions for Internet Activity

5 VPN functions

If you often do browsing using the Internet network, of course have heard the term VPN. Actually this VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or a connection from one Internet network with other private Internet network. This VPN can be used for Android and Windows . So, what exactly is the VPN function itself? Here’s the explanation you can see before using it.

Data security is more secure

Data security is the most feared problem by internet users. For the company in the field of banking and Finance , both need a high level of Internet network security to prevent hacking. In the survey ‘ Digital Banking in Indonesia 2018 ‘ by economic consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) as reported Katadata mention that the bank could have lost 1 million US $ due to cyber attacks and losses reached 100 million US $.

Using a VPN, the event as above can be minimized. This is because in a VPN, the data that has been transmitted is well encrypted. So, although there are hackers who hack from the VPN network, then not necessarily also this hacker outlines the encrypted data. This VPN function seems to create two large walls that can block cyber attacks and security and confidentiality of data is more secure.

can authenticate data well

Data theft and hacking in the internet, usually happens because someone often uses the source of Internet networks that are public. As a result, the data entered on your computer can be negatively charged and potentially attacking the data. This is where the VPN function authenticidentifies incoming data. The Data will be examined by the source information whether it is from a reliable source or rather a potential source of loss.

Usually a VPN also has the properties of the share bandwidth by using Protocol Label Switch (MPLS) Wide Area Network (WAN). With this feature will make you more comfortable in the Internet. In this authentication process, if successful then the data sent will be safe. Conversely, if it fails there will be a re-check on the incoming data.

You can access blocked websites

You have never encountered a thing when you want to open a certain site can not because it is blocked by a network provider or by the state. For example when we look for information about human reproductive health, it could be blocked because it is pornographic. In fact, the content of the site is explained from the scientific and biological side.

For that VPN function can open the blocked site. Not only that, the VPN function can also hide the internet activity done by the user. You also don’t have to worry about detecting your activity on the Internet. Especially for unwanted things such as data abuse for criminal acts.

interference can be minimized

Sometimes in sending data over the Internet network we have experienced interference, such as missing data or corrupt. Even the data we send can be randomised or interrupted by third parties (usually that does this is Hacker ). This is certainly not surprising considering that Indonesia is becoming a crowded Internet traffic. Refers to the data reported from DailySocial mentioned if 150 million of 255 million Internet users are vulnerable to Cyber attacks

This bad event can be minimised at least by using a VPN. VPN function is here as ‘ security ‘ in sending data on Internet network. Thus the data you submit can get to the destination without any interruption.

Download speed increased

In addition to all four functions above, on the other hand the VPN function can also increase the speed of download from the Internet network. Not infrequently the data we to download usually has a large size and takes a long time. If you use a VPN it can be sure it’s no longer happening.

Why can this be? This is more because, when you use a VPN user as if using a private network. Therefore, the network is not used by many other people, so the internet speed is increasing. The flow of data in the Internet is also smoother and you can even download everything with ease.

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