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Top 5 Biggest Infrastructure Companies in the World

High density residential blocks in Hong Kong.

infrastructure development Business or Industry?

Infrastructure companies solutions are mostly made through a highly trustworthy multi-company, solutions capability through experience will draw the only skill of building through different multiple sectors:

Turn the key ‘Design and Build’ solutions backed by experience and capabilities across multiple sectors like Buildings and factories, heavy civil infrastructure, transportation, smart world, and communications…

Integrated solutions, systems, and equipment for the entire Power value chain. Design & engineering for power plant equipment.

A wide range of innovative products, equipment & systems for various industries…

Our Touristic zones lead in nearly every sphere of business it operates in. Serving customers in more than 30 countries, across various industries. Explore our offerings by Industry or by Business.

As a result, Teamwork always is the key solution for a trustworthy step toward highly potential durable developments through the fixed vision to the future of collaboration and incorporations solutions…

World Top Infrastructure Companies List by Market Capitalization as on Nov-07-2019. World Top Companies Ranks are given according to market cap value of the companies as on Nov-07-2019.


Rank in Business Sector: 1World Rank (Nov-2019): 100

Market Cap (Nov-07-2019): 102.14 Billion USD

World Rank (July-2019): 108

Market Cap (July 1st 2019): 96.64 Billion USD

Head Quarters: Germany

Business Sector – World:


Rank in Business Sector: 2

World Rank (Nov-2019): 119

Market Cap (Nov-07-2019): 91.11 Billion USD

World Rank (July-2019): 113

Market Cap (July 1st 2019): 90.37 Billion USD

Head Quarters: USA

Business Sector – World:

Power China
PowerChina is one in every of the largest construction agencies inside the global and is one of the largest organizations in China. Like the maximum of the other organizations on this list, they too paintings internationally. They paintings more often than not in energy and infrastructures. And can be working on a big infrastructure assignment in Kenya this 12 months, at the side of others. The agency employs over one hundred thirty-five,000 humans and has an annual sales of around $45.Five billion U.S. Dollars.


Rank in Business Sector: 3

World Rank (Nov-2019): 190

Market Cap (Nov-07-2019): 61.27 Billion USD

World Rank (July-2019): 205

Market Cap (July 1st 2019): 55.60 Billion USD

Head Quarters: France

Business Sector – World:

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