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Tesla takes the confidence and aims at a production of Model Y from November 2019

Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Motors is a car manufacturer founded in 2003 with a modest ambition to accelerate the transition of the world towards sustainable transportation. The company will prove its technological edge only in 2008 with its first electric model, the Roadster. She is both feared and admired for her innovative ability and her self-proclaimed ethic but also for her future impact on the automotive market. Its CEO and chief financial supporter are billionaire Elon Musk.

Tesla takes the confidence and aims at a production of Model Y ,  Still not really out of trouble with the Model 3, Tesla is already thinking about the production of Model Y, the compact SUV.

Tesla takes the confidence and aims at a production of Model Y

After the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3 and the Semi, Tesla will launch the Model Y, a compact SUV that will share the architecture of the Model 3. While the production objectives of the Model S do not have have been fully achieved – but remain in the second half of the year – there is already talk of assembling this Model Y at the plant in Fremont, California. Information released by Reuters on April 11, 2018, citing two sources close to the value chain.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y


Apparently, Tesla has already started bidding with suppliers for Model Y, a preliminary step, which usually takes place two or two and a half years before the effective entry into production. There, the American manufacturer embarks on the emergency, which is good November 2019 an objective “aggressive but possible”, to believe one of the informants. The fact that Model Y shares the same architecture as Model 3 helps Tesla to proceed in a way.

Elon Musk’s magazine aims to produce one million vehicles a year. For the moment, he is still far away. Some consider investing in new infrastructure to accommodate such a rate. On this point, one of the sources of Reuters says that it is probably necessary to relocate the Y model production to another factory if it has become important. We still talk about a compact SUV, a category particularly popular at the moment. So likely to sell by tens of thousands of copies. Like the Model 3. At Tesla, now, do not reiterate the mistakes of the past. Or the present, in this case.