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PlayStation 5 will be Launched in February 2020

Sony may present the new PlayStation 5 next February 2020


Sony may present the new PlayStation 5 next February 2020, The event is made to reveal “The Future of PlayStation In The World”.

at this forum many Publishers such as Activision, Ubisoft, and EA will present their new products that compatible with PS5, In the catalog of Games that will be available when the console launched on the Market Where The Last of Us 2 will be first in the list.

In a twitter discussion with Peter Rubin From Wired Magazine, MARK CERNY was asked about the price of the PS5 and replied:

“I believe that we will be able to release it at an SRP [suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set.”

also, the news says that the new generation of the PlayStation 5 will contain an AMD chip that has a CPU based on the third-generation Ryzen with and AMD Radeon Navi ray tracing, and PS5 will fully support 3D audio and 8K gameplay.

Cerny has added that “beyond saying that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.” which means PSVR will certainly be supported by PS5 as well.