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OPPO ColorOS 6.0 officially announced lighter UI


OPPO ColorOS was officially announced yesterday afternoon after the 5th Anniversary Celebration in Shenzhen under the name of the event “5different”.

according to Oppo, ColorOS brings a huge bunch of new features after it has been experienced 13 version updates and 250 million users from 140coutries with nonstop searching core technologies by improving localization services and delivering a better user experience around the world.

At this exhibition, OPPO officially declared the ColorOS 6.0 system.

And for the ColorOS 6.0 system, OPPO proposed a bezel-less aesthetic concept based on the large screen where have been using a lot of lighter and white techniques to create a hight space level interface, in the OPPO ColorOS 6.0 design was own a unique information density on the page where its lessened where it gives a feeling of such as breathing and refreshing.
OPPO Says that even though the interface has been simplified they keep the hierarchical relationship without any confusion and more careful and precise. and It was more elegant and comfortable than the old versions.


Furthermore OPPO has made a new Chinese Font (character library) by corporation with Hanyi (Known domestic font manufacturer) , OPPO Sans now becomes more modern simple and neat and five words in total are expected to be officially next year where OPPO ColorOS 6.0 will reach the users.

As well OPPO revealed some performance features like the overall power consumption that will reduced by 7% and OPPO developed a new AI application for quick freeze that will kill the apps in the background smartly after 15 days after intelligent learning and exploration as well as the AI model that exactly meets the user usage habits and smoothly harmonizes the usage behavioral predictions.

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