Microsoft MSDN Magazine Officially halt

    Today 7th August  2019 News – Webmains Tech |  Microsoft MSDN Magazine will officially go to shut in November, the magazine published lately saying that the MSDN magazine that was conducted with the developers of Microsoft for about 30 years will not gonna be continued as the final release will be in this November, meanwhile all the online versions of the Magazine still available online.


    Microsoft MSDN Magazine Officially halt- the05group
    Microsoft MSDN Magazine Officially halt- the05group

    The Microsoft Developer Network Magazine MSDN is the division of the firm that responsible for managing Microsoft’s relationships with developers and testers such us hardware developers interested in the operating system (OS) and software developers…

    Microsoft said: “As Microsoft products and services have grown exponentially over the years, MSDN magazines also need to go through their own development. We realize that it is time to end MSDN magazine and follow up through network channels such as”

    concerning the users who already have subscribed will receive a refund after the final issue in November.


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