Jezero (crater) the landing site of Mars 2020 rover

    Jezero is a crater on Mars located at 18.855°N 77.519°E[1] in the Syrtis Major quadrangle. Scientists and engineers behind NASA’s rover working on where it landing in Syrtis Major quadrangle on the Red Planet.

    Nasa Reveals today that they choose a 49.0 km diameter crater as a landing spot for Mars 2020, Jezero as it was named estimated to have once been flooded with water



    “The lake in the crater was present when valley networks were forming on Mars. Besides having a delta, the crater shows point bars and inverted channels. From a study of the delta and channels, it was concluded that the lake did not experience times when the water went down. It probably formed when there was a continual surface runoff “wikipedia




    Jezero (crater)
    Jezero (crater)


    1.  Goudge, T., et al. 2017. STRATIGRAPHY AND EVOLUTION OF DELTA CHANNEL DEPOSITS, JEZERO CRATER, MARS. Lunar and Planetary Science XLVIII (2017). 1195.pdf. Source

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