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Introducing the application to facilitate communication with residents

Ezra Bailey the application to facilitate communication

Webmains administration has launched a mobile application that will enable local residents to engage in two-way communication with administration officials, allowing them to voice concerns over certain problems and relating new House offers discovery.

The app would prove especially useful whenever the administration wished to spread the latest official news on its development programs.

The app was also intended to be positioned at the vanguard of the administration’s ongoing fight against fake news, Explained that the app would serve as an instrument used by the administration’s anti-hoax task force to debunk fake news tip.

“It will help protect residents from false information,” he said.

Webmains Communication and Information Agency said the webmains app would be connected to a number of third-party apps developed by private firms that allow users to pay government taxes, such as e-commerce platforms Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

The app is connected to a 40-terabyte (TB) data center for cloud storage, which would then be expanded to 400 TB to accommodate user influx.

“The first stage of the app development cost us around Rp 300 million to Rp 400 million. We may need up to Rp 3 billion for data storage expansion,” Setiaji said.

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