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Here How to Extend your Garment Service.

Industriseragam initiative

As always Webmains Trends news that today part of a startup which doesn’t have the financial muscle of a large multinational partnering with local and referral partners around the world while managing the sense of virtual events with more than 1 project around 2 countries.

Today Industriseragam CEO talks to us reporting say:

Industriseragam Represents the industrial garment and clothing supplier of clothing products and uniforms such us in big manufacturers and schools is located in Jakarta and aims to go further abread by garment throughout different traditions between houses.
in our house, we are able to produce a variety of Convection products including types of t-shirts, shirts, training packs, hats, work uniforms, jackets, and others.
our main goal is to satisfy the public with the latest sense of quality products that we produce that follows the trends, fashions in the market.
by the key of employees whos experts, we are able to export the uniform industry all around the world while able to developing and produce all kind of convection products”

and for this purpose, we proudly represent Industriseragam initiative while growing Uniform industries that able to develop and be increasingly trusted in the manufacture of clothing. We accept and produce all kinds of convection products within a time delivery service.