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genetically edited baby Trouble

Genetically edited baby (Photo: Leigh Prather/Shutterstock)

Genetically edited baby claims!

“He Jian Kui”, a Chinese researcher and associate professor of biology at Southern University of Science and Technology and whose helped to make the first genetically edited baby, declared yesterday that was edited baby with AIDS in China. According to trusted sources and reports, He Jiankui team achieved the process within assisted reproductive technology. using “CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology”.

This news doesn’t get a big impact on the society only for scientists and researchers who criticized it by stating that it’s too risky to try, and some blamed the Chinese report as human experimentation. and this is may really be involving human beings ! in case they are using genetic editing technology to modify human genes.

meanwhile, The related media and the responsible parties have originally verified that the He Jiankui team has set up an ethics committee in the Shenzhen also the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the Institute of Genetic Editing Projects but both of the sides apparently counter some outstanding problems in both ethical review and technical inspection…

He Jian Kui answered some external questions through recent interviews assuming that the genetic surgery is highly safe and will not bring any danger for the babies of the present or future.

The state of health and the health commissions stated recently that the matter should seriously be investigated, handled and disclose the result publically sooner.