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Fortnite season 4 the superheroes

the Fortnite season 4 Battle Royale has been teased by Epic Games

and the theme seems to be the superheroes.


fortnite season 4
fortnite season 4

We are here, with the release of the challenges of the week 10 this morning, the season 3 of Fortnite comes to an end. The perfect time to start teaser season 4 and that’s exactly what Epic did a few minutes ago.

For the moment our only information is the image above, on which we see what looks like a villain straight out of a movie of DC or Marvel, as well as the message that accompanied the tweet: “Fight , adapt, win. “

We also note that the meteorite that has been in the news for several weeks is also there, it even crosses the picture from end to end. Could it not be that this brings not destruction and terror but a new league of vigilantes ready to protect the card against the players who camp in the bushes? More information very quickly.

There is no official date given for the start of season 4 yet, but Fortnite tweeted out to tease it, along with the image of a meteor-like object which looks like it is set to hit the map.

The rumors have been spreading that Tilted Towers, the most populated area of the map in any given game of Fortnite, will be hit by a meteor strike of some sort.


However, what is certain is that the comet will play a dominant role,  in this new season and could even upset the way we play as suggested by the phrase “beat, adapt triumph”.

The comet could, therefore, change the way we play by the destruction of Tilted Tower or new mechanics, which would explain the sentence.

In addition, with the update 3.6, the TVs on the map are lit and broadcast a Morse message that translated once gives “They do not want us to know.”

This could, therefore, refer to potential enemies who would threaten the city of Tilted Tower requiring the intervention of superheroes to protect it. This message could also refer to the meteor fall that began today on Fortnite. Indeed, meteors fall randomly on the map causing no damage to players or structures for the moment, but only to the scenery.

In any case, this season promises to be rich in content and we should learn more from developers a few days before the launch of the next season is scheduled for May 3.