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Facebook Youtube Netflix Video Ads

netflix video ads

Facebook Youtube Netflix Video Ads :

Youtube will be paying creators to promote youtube’s features including super chat, merchandising program, meanwhile, Netflix Video Ads still in testing mode, the video ads that will show up between episodes, on some time Facebook has acquired the small team behind Vidpresso live video.


Facebooks also testing its live video new feature the scheduled live video post layout, the official size of the image hasn’t yet revealed but it seems to be cropped like the cover image,

Facebook Youtube Netflix Video Ads
Facebook Youtube Netflix Video Ads

still, image ads are also one of their new features that will become more attractive by adding the new process that will convert the still images ads into video ads, it’s just a lightweight motion will be added to still images.

while many critical posts talking about the unskippable ads made by Netflix, but Netflix is meant to serve its users while finishing watching an episode and waiting until the next one to buffer, Netflix says that they are testing recommendations feature between episodes in order to help members discover stories they may enjoy