Madonna confirms she had the Coronavirus.

      Madonna Corona VIRUS - at any rate, "Things are explained". Vocalist Madonna said on her Instagram account On Wednesday evening that she got contaminated toward the finish of her Tour of Paris in March...

    A mosquito can spread coronavirus? here is how!

    Mosquito coronavirus: Covid-19 in case of a mosquito nibble? The administration's "demining" strategy is an exceptionally powerful approach to guarantee that the administration arrangement is to guarantee that individuals' privileges are regarded. The new coronary...

    Tom Cruise and Elon Musk to filming in the Outerspace with NASA

    Tom Cruise and Elon Musk are dealing with a venture with NASA that will be the principal highlight film - an activity experience - to be shot in space. Tom Cruise needs to fly in...

    Coronavirus deaths in the U.S.

    COVID-19 is a recently discovered coronavirus infectious disease.The majority of people with COVID-19 will experience only mild or moderate symptoms and will recover without special treatment. 1- coronavirus The number of Coved-19 cases in the United...

    Introducing the application to facilitate communication with residents

    Webmains administration has launched a mobile application that will enable local residents to engage in two-way communication with administration officials, allowing them to voice concerns over certain problems and relating new House offers discovery. The...

    Origami releases the wallet-compatible smartphone payment network.

    Origami, Inc., which is developing smartphone payment services, announced a new initiative called "Origami Network" that allows businesses that develop stores and services to provide payment services through Smartphone.

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