Bird electric scooter rental service raises new funding about $2.8 billion.

    the company announced Thursday. New funding raised the estimate of post-money birds to approximately $2.8 billion.

    Origami releases the wallet-compatible smartphone payment network.

    Origami, Inc., which is developing smartphone payment services, announced a new initiative called "Origami Network" that allows businesses that develop stores and services to provide payment services through Smartphone.

    What are Progressive Web Apps

    Before we get into the topic, let's discuss the original Web application and application. That's in 2014 that Web applications become popular, thanks to HTML. Web applications are similar to websites, the only major...

    Iceberg-making project will RE-Freeze The Arctic!

    From the building of hight towers to establishing islands from stones and sands, many scientists and urbanization planners recommend clear prepositions in order to protect the global warming and the rising of water volume because of the world climate change.

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