Credible Lab Inc. acquired by Fox Corp.

    Credible Labs Inc (CRD.AX) was announced the last Monday that it was agreed to be acquired by Fox Corp.(FOXA.O) for about 397$ Million Dollar.

    genetically edited baby Trouble

    Genetically edited baby claims! "He Jian Kui", a Chinese researcher and associate professor of biology at Southern University of Science and Technology and whose helped to make the first genetically edited baby, declared yesterday that...

    Save $230 with the Vive Pro Starter Kit and Accessory Bundle

    VIVE Pro Starter kit is only about $ 1.000 to dive into the reality the world of VR with VIVE Starter Kit with a high-fidelity visuals , optimized ergonomics and Hi-Res soundstage with a fully...

    Tesla Self-Driving Chip

    To build its own self-driving chips Tesla was announced after their second-quarter income report that Tesla is processing the creation of their own computer chips where Elon Musk revealed last December, this isn't something new but, Musk says...

    Google advertising tackles Apple and Amazon

    Google advertising tackles Apple and Amazon

    The world’s fast-growing entertainment market by 2021 to 493 billion dollars.

    The world's fast-growing entertainment market by 2021 to 493 billion $

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