Introducing the application to facilitate communication with residents

    Webmains administration has launched a mobile application that will enable local residents to engage in two-way communication with administration officials, allowing them to voice concerns over certain problems and relating new House offers discovery. The...

    Southeast Asia Internet economy will reach $100 billion by the end of this year

    Over $37 billion have invested in the Southeast Asian online company for the last four years with the majority going

    Origami releases the wallet-compatible smartphone payment network.

    Origami, Inc., which is developing smartphone payment services, announced a new initiative called "Origami Network" that allows businesses that develop stores and services to provide payment services through Smartphone.

    CBS and Viacom finally merged

    After 3 years of negotiations "Shari Redstone" was able to control lead the merge and constitute a company of $30 billion by bringing two of the biggest companies to create a global, multiplatform, premium content powerhouse.

    Lenovo ranking first in the global PC market in 2019

    Lenovo Group announced the results of the first quarter where the results reached 85.3 billion yuan with a constant increase of 111% of the yearly Net Profit.

    Disney is finally bundling its 3 streaming services

    Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the American customers may benefit from the bundle of Diney+, ESPN+ with Hulu ad-supported for under $15 only monthly.

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