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Bilibili anime-themed video streaming platform revenues.

anime-themed video streaming

Bilibili declares third quarter fiscal results.

Bilibili The Chinese anime-themed video streaming platform announced yesterday about the third quarter financial revenues that about RMB 1.079 billion ($ 157.1 million).¹

even though we have noticed a net loss of RMB 202.7 million($ 202.7 million) was a little bit higher last year about RMB 2.9 million. This is was due to the Average activity in the month of users whos interested with (MAUs) which reached about 92.7 million. but Bilibili has epic increases gracefull to the online marketing services.

Bilibili anime-themed video streaming platform
Bilibili anime-themed video streaming platform


And then this is important because the Bilibili stock was down about 7.5% quarterly earnings as they announced yesterday, and we shouldn’t forget that Bilibili debuted in the US IPO this year meanwhile the company revenue comes from advertising, mobile gaming and live broadcasting that continue to show up a notable growth epically larger than last year.


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