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Positive forecasts for the Artificial Intelligence market

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence forecast
Artificial Intelligence forecast

Machines are not yet ready to lead the world, but artificial intelligence is no less a market of the future.

Artificial intelligence – whatever its “level of intelligence” – is found in gadgets connected more and more numerous. Whether in smartphones to run speech assistants Siri or Alexa style, to analyze real-time shooting to automatically improve the quality of photos, or in connected speakers, artificial intelligence – or AI – is everywhere. And of course, its marketing brings in money.


According to the forecasts of the firm Tractica (formatted by Statista, see image below), the AI should generate a turnover of more than 4 billion dollars in 2018, and this figure should approach 60 billion in 2025. The reign of machines over the human race may not be so far away …