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Apple,Disney enter the Streaming TV Market from some door

apple and disney

Apple and Disney, YouTube, Netflix,Amazon,Google for batter ecosystem !

Youtube is the most popular streaming video service ever known without any doubt and from last year Youtube began publishing YouTube TV where directly attacking the cable industry , YouTube even planning to provide families with local TV contents where will use Google Voice Assistant till we arrive and watch our favorite TV shows with no need of remote and lots of menus.
But the important reports a couple days ago reveals that Apple preparing to launch a streaming TV service next year. The TV streaming service will be available in 100 countries meanwhile Disney thinks to stream media TV services by providing programs directly to consumers.

From long time ago Apple trying to open the TV market but Apple relays heavily on hardware and recently Apple increasingly began to invest heavily in original content and by 2022 Apple will invest sum of 5.2 $ billion
in original content, this is really huge and proves that the technology giant will invest a lot of money in order to build their own media network.
From some side Netflix will invest $ 8 billion this year to produce original programs, Amazon’s by its role investment has 100 million Prime users. Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Google heavily investing in batter technologies and developing their own ecosystems by understanding their users and provides them with high-quality services.
long-term investments think that the giant’s technologies will keep launching media services and erode users of cable companies. and epically we saw a slow neglection of the traditional cable TV services.

However in last December Disney announced the 53 $ billion M&A with 21st Century Fox make them the largest media network and in August, Disney CEO Bob Iger promised that the prices of the new services will be quite competitive because Disney’s contents will be converted into digital streaming channels, and this is not gonna be something stranger for Apple and Disney enter the TV market from the same door of the streaming TV market because they are already old friends.