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All About Drones In Photography

Drones in photography represent a massive request nowdays for short or long shootings, and many of vloggers repeatedly asking webmains Tech for make reviews about Drones, and for this purpose, I wanna give small advices about drones and willing to continue talking about some of their important features in future articles, let’s begin with.

Drones dimensions:

Drones dimensions are very important to know before thinking to purchase, as my experience as a traveler photograph, I always thinking about if I can easily take it with me anywhere without problems, for some other geeks they are not really care much about dimension like their care about the drones weight.


Drones Weight:

As a traveler I prefer always to get a lite weight, but fragile marks if that so sometimes but I advice you to focus more not on the weight nor dimension but focus with the camera type, the video resolution and the hardware itself that depends on the mark . in this article I wanna list my 3 preferred Drones based on their performance.


  1. Dji Phantome
  2. Dji Inspire
  3. Dji Mavic Pro

Other Choices :

It has been many marks in the market but the hardware is depended, for more Informations about drones choices stay tuned for upcoming talks with our professionals.